Dark Bear Web Solutions included in Clutch 2016 Coverage of Leading Web Developers

admin / November 19, 2016

Dark Bear Web Solutions was recently included in 2016 coverage on leading web development agencies. The feature comes from Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers within the technology and digital solutions fields, but with extensive coverage on web development.


Best UX Design Strategies That Work Well for Mobile Apps

admin / November 14, 2016

In last few years Internet usage from desktop has fallen from 90% to 55%, while the mobile internet usage has increased drastically by 45%. If such situation persists, internet usage on mobile devices will surpass desktop internet usage soon. However, the default approach taken by a large number of designers.


WordPress Turns 13 Today Let’s celebrate it

admin / May 27, 2016

WordPress turns 13 today. To celebrate the occasion we the team at Dark Bears created an Infographic on WordPress 13th Birthday – A look to History, Stats & Facts.

This infographic covers many answers which you don’t know. Like:

Who Created WordPress?
How many websites are powered by WordPress?
What is WordPress.com and WordPress.org?


Celebrate World Backup Day 2016 with a Backup of Data (Infographic)

admin / March 31, 2016

Don’t worry if you have not kept your data backup before. Start keeping go backup your data now. Also do inspire others to keep a data backup now.