Does Blockchain have a Role in IoT?

Narender Yadav / August 28, 2018

Does Blockchain have a role in IoT

A prominent application of the Internet of Things now extends to the Supply Chain and Logistics sector. Envision a scenario where the consumer with goods in transit connect the vehicle (carrying the goods) and the warehouse (for real-time tracking of packages) through IoT.

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Mobile Phones Integrated with Smart Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Narender Yadav / August 22, 2018

Mobile Phones Integrated with Smart Artificial Intelligence Techniques

AI, the most discussed technology is slowly becoming a part of our daily chores. The more we tend to become up-to-date with the technology, more we realise and appreciate its presence. As outlined by the Britannica encyclopedia, “Artificial intelligence is the ability of

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Blockchain Technology – Its Benefits and Challenges Everything You Need To Know

Narender Yadav / August 6, 2018

All you want to know about Blockchain, its benefits and challenges

With reference to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is planned as a decentralized technology to keep the list of records. It all started in 1979 when it was primarily organized as a hash tree, for validating and handling data between two computer systems

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What To Look For in Your Systems Programming Partner

Narender Yadav / July 24, 2018

The devil is in the details – nothing could be truer in the world of software development. As applications of today become increasingly complex, engineering the right systems software which includes the operating system (OS) programs and services

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Dark Bears Featured on Clutch as a Top Web Developer in India

Narender Yadav / July 18, 2018

Top Web Developer in India - Dark Bears 2018 - Dark Bears

Dark Bears has been listed among the top web developers in India! This distinction comes courtesy of Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. After performing data-driven research and conducting client interviews, Clutch ranked Dark Bears above 1,000+ other web developers in India.

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Systems Programming is Hard to Do – But Somebody’s Got to Do it

Narender Yadav / July 3, 2018

Systems Programming is Hard to Do - But Somebody's Got to Do it

In the software development world, very often people hear, learn and even use terms and phrases interchangeably, not knowing exactly what they mean. Like DevOps and Agile or multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. Although knowing these terms is important, what’s more important is what they really mean.

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