Best UX Design Strategies That Work Well for Mobile Apps

Narender Yadav / November 14, 2016

Best UX Design Strategies That Work Well for Mobile Apps

In the last few years Internet usage from desktop has fallen from 90% to 55%, while the mobile internet usage has increased drastically by 45%. If such a situation persists, internet usage on mobile devices will surpass desktop internet usage soon. However, the default approach taken by a large number of designers is still the old fashioned and unfortunate. They follow the conventional approach of scaling down of desktop website to make it responsive. Rather than scaling down the desktop website, you are required to cautiously examine your client’s business and analyze the importance of mobile access for their business. If you fail to comprehend the connection between your app’s UX design and client’s requirement, you will end up building an app that fails to reap profits and appeal to the users. It will be lost amongst thousands of other apps offering similar features and functionality.

The success of your mobile app design depends on a number of factors, but the UX(User Experience) tops them all. UX of a Mobile app is not merely a single button element or a C2A, it combines various elements in the proper order to offer an amazing experience to the user. In the interest of intuitive, better and user-friendly mobile interface, let us take a look at some of the Best UX design principles and strategies to consider while undertaking next mobile app development assignment.

Uncluttered, but focussed Content

Small touch screens have made navigation and search far easier. People use their mobile devices in a rushed, hurried state.. This is why a ‘clear and focused content’ is a must have strategy for any mobile application. Content involves various kind of material including images, video and text, that offers information to the user. While designing a Mobile app, follow minimalism rules and keep the clutter to the minimum. Mobile users notice and appreciate small things that make their experiences smoother. The smoother the user experience, better for you.

Always remember:

  • Present a balanced mix of content (product information, marketing, social and instructional content) to the users.

  • Make the atypical gestures like a horizontal move or a swipe to move easy for the users. Tell them how to use these features. You can use small arrows indicating the direction of the swipe or a hovering message.

  • Never auto-start the sound or a video. Always give user the rights to control the multimedia and provide them the option to skip or stop the multimedia

  • Your primary content should be presented in the format which is well supported with the target device.

  • Images and Media should be well optimized for the devices.

Typography with Minimalist Design Layout

Typography creates an immense impact on the mood, readability, and user experience. A good typography has the potential to reveal quick responses and an ability to create atmosphere, much similar to the human voice. Font Style and Font Size should properly blend with the Design layout. Choose a proper font size for the heading as well as the body. It is advised that you don’t use any fancy fonts, rather stick to normal font styles. App’s design layout is to be chosen wisely. Unlike the website design where you can select both horizontal and vertical layout, sticking to the vertical app layout will make the the browsing more enjoyable and convenient. As a mobile app has to be functionality superb, minimalist design (devoid of any unnecessary fretwork) is gaining more and popularity. It works on a principle of providing needful information to the user. It will obviously add simplicity and functional ease and making the user experience better.

Colors say it all

Selection of colors can have a deep impact on the conversion rate and the overall app performance. Different shades have different impact on human minds. Colours like light blue and yellow have a very soothing effect. On the contrary, colours like orange and red have a very vibrant and powerful impact. Different colors have different responses as per the ethnicity, region and culture. Like in China, you’ll find the use of red colour in most all the mobile applications. As red colour in China symbolizes happiness and prosperity. As they drive a very deep emotional response, colors have an intense impact on the UX design process as well. You need to choose the mobile app’s colour palette wisely. Never choose a font colour that matches with the website background. For example, if you are using black as a background colour never choose grey as a font colour.

Always consider Mobile first interface

Rather than following the same old default approach of scaling down the desktop website to make it responsive, you need to turn this around. You are required to design the User experience for the mobile first and then consider it for the desktop. First things first, start with the simple and minimalistic UI and then consider adding the stuff that needs to be added for tablet and desktop. Sometimes even a simple and clean UI works wonders for even the desktop. What if the ‘app involves several sections with hidden functionalities and detailed workflow’ ? This is where the Progress onboarding pops up as the best solution. It is a great strategy that exhibit a number of app attributes in an interactive way.

Besides, mobile devices are embedded with high technology features like Gyrometer, GPS, Compass, ‘slide to unlock’, calling etc. Figure out how you can use these unique features to make the mobile UX even better than the Desktop UX. Ideate, stretch yourself a little beyond the conventional ideas to leverage upon the mobile devices features and functionality to offer a better mobile UX design.



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