Celebrate World Backup Day 2016 with a Backup of Data (Infographic)

Narender Yadav / March 31, 2016

Yes, Today is the day World Backup Day on 31st March which is celebrated every year. Well it’s not a holiday or a birthday but one of the very important days for all, especially all businesses and computer users. Data lays a crucial role in our lives and so do a promise yourself and be safe from any miss happening of data loss by any means.

what is backup image - Dark Bears

What is World Backup Day?

It’s a data protection day. A reminder to keep a backup of your important files and data before it’s too late. Celebrate World Backup Day today by keeping a backup of your important files and be safe. This day is celebrated by encouraging people all over the world and spreading awareness to perform regular data backups.

Backup your files

Don’t be a fool this April fool. Don’t be a sufferer of data loss. Implement a backup plan and choose the best backup solution that suite your need. Prevent a disaster from happening before instead of looking for a solution later when it happened.

What is Backup?

Have you backed up your data?

What Backup Solution you use?

How often do you take Backup of your Data?

Do you follow 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

To celebrate World Backup Day this 31st March with all we the bears at Darkbears have compiled an informational infographic created and designed by our professional team. Have a look at the World Backup Day 2016 Infographic below and please do share your views with us in the comments section below. Be safe from Data Loss and Spread Awareness among others by sharing the infographic as much as possible.

World backup day infographic - Dark Bears

Don’t worry if you have not kept your data backup before. Start keeping go backup your data now. Also do inspire others to keep a data backup now.

Author Bio

Narender Yadav

Narender Yadav is the Chief Technology Officer for Dark Bears. He has several years of experience in working on high-performance networking and storage devices for different OEMs like HP, IBM/Lenovo, Dell/EMC, Cisco. He believes in "Fortune favours the brave" and is never afraid of taking risks worth taking in his professional and personal life to provide the finest services with best standards.

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