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admin / April 6, 2022

Where skilled engineers never fail to build reliable software, Dark Bears justifies being the place. Vinod Jhajharia – the Founder and Director of Dark Bears- narrates the statement’s authenticity by demonstrating his journey to establish Dark Bears.

Dark Bears claims to be a global leader in the software industry that can turn your next big software idea into reality. Established in 2009 in Rajasthan, India, the company ranks among the world’s top software development houses, ensuring that all software products they develop are secure, scalable, and feature complete.

Dark Bears values its people and clients by offering quality services. Founded by a team of highly qualified professionals, the company specializes in delivering original and creative delivery services. It has a verifiable history of working with clients from the UK, USA, Holland, Germany, Australia, Middle East, and India.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Vinod Jhajharia, the Founder and Director of Dark Bears, discussed the company’s inception and his role as a head and chief operating personality in the company.

According to Vinod, Dark Bears was started with a vision to provide reliable software products to their clients and that too at affordable prices. “Any new software can change the way a business performs its operations and can produce exceptionally great results. BUT building reliable software costs a lot of money and time investment. We at Dark Bears took up this challenge and are currently delivering software at 1/3rd the cost of development rates in any developed nation,” he adds.

Vinod clears that he supervises the Sales & Marketing Department in the company where they help the SMEs and Startups around the globe to develop custom software solutions as per business needs. Hence, this minimizes the manual dependence of the client businesses in their business functions. Skilled and talented engineers at Dark Bears offer end-to-end software development solutions for contract hire. The area of expertise the company offers include Web and Mobile Development, IoT, Advanced Computing, Blockchain, Systems and Network Programming. 

While asking about the company’s business model, Vinod clears that the company owns an in-house team of 50 employees to perform all the jobs and tasks within the company only. 

Dark Bears follows processes that allow it to deliver software with enterprise-level quality. At the same time, the India office location of the company allows them to provide quality services at reasonable prices. This differentiates them from their competitors, as said. The review displayed below is proof of the credibility earned by the company towards its customers.

Vinod clears that the company is not at all bound to any particular industry yet. Instead, they have served customers from many industries like aerospace, healthcare, travel & hospitality, manufacturing, catering, education, and so on. 

As the field of software development demands time for development, maintenance, and enhancement; hence, 60% of the company’s customers are repetitive. Custom software development for any business operation, developing new mobile app ideas, IoT software development, Blockchain software development, and system programming are some of the top services for which the customers approach Dark Bears. Their exceptional services, best skill-set & processes, and technical edge over the competition brought the company up as the top software development company in India that has constantly been spreading its operations across the globe.

The company’s customer satisfaction rate is 100%, and Vinod gives credit to the competent team, agile methodologies, exceptional development practices, and full transparency with their customers for the absolute success of the company so far. In fact, Dark Bears provides 1 to 3 months of free support to its customers post a successful delivery. The duration of free support depends upon the size of the project as well. A ticket can also be raised at the support desk by sending an e-mail to the support ID of the company. One can expect the response within a business day or so. 

Regarding the company’s payment structure, Vinod shared that the company’s policy is to charge an upfront amount to start the project. The billing is done on a monthly basis depending upon the time spent on the project. As the company sends weekly calls and sends the weekly timesheets to their clients, the entire process works transparently and brings a win-win situation for both parties. 

Vinod asserts that there is no monthly budget requirement as such. However, the smallest project accomplished within the last three years has been costing only $6,000. All the development projects range between $15,000 and $330,000 in the company. 

Vinod and the entire Dark Bears team are quite optimistic about the company’s future. They foresee all the development processes beating the quality of all the software development houses in the world. In terms of employee satisfaction, the company ranks among the best workplaces to work at. 

He concludes the interview by saying, “We can foresee we will have a team of over 500 employees and would be catering to more than 100 customers every year.”

The detailed interview can be viewed at the GoodFirms company page.

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