Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development: Essential Features and Cost

Narender Yadav / July 25, 2019

Grocery Mobile App Development Company

Well, shopping is almost loved by people of all age groups and out of these especially, females are at the top of the list.

They just tend to put down all the item that resonates with their household chores in any manner. Now when we talk in terms of grocery, they behave all the more possessive.

They are not at all ready to compromise when it comes to manage their household. Owing to the above scenario, the technology has gifted the females with an app solution called as On-demand grocery mobile app.

These types of apps are gaining a major upsurge in the market, as the users are not required to visit brick and mortar store every now and then. It becomes really tedious to spare out some time from the daily schedules in order to visit grocery stores.

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People are loving this concept and hence, this industry holds a bright future in the foreseen times. As per the statistics, the online sale of grocery products is expected to rise up to 25% by the year 2025.

Therefore, the time has finally arrived when you need to modify the tactics of business in order to earn revenues. Companies such as Big Basket, Walmart are already on their way to dominate the grocery industry, thus if you are also looking for making similar kind of presence, keep reading the post.

Through this write-up, you will grab an idea about the best features, development team structure and the cost that will be incurred in grocery app development.

There are three kinds of grocery apps, find them here:

Types of Grocery Shopping Apps

E-Commerce based Grocery Apps

The most common e-commerce apps that exist are Amazon, Walmart etc.

These apps proffer quite a giant range of grocery products as per the user location. The users can order the grocery products as required and can schedule the delivery time as per their convenience.

Individual-based Grocery Apps

These apps fall under the category of delivering grocery products only. The apps that stick to this niche are BigBasket, Grofers etc. These dedicated grocery solutions allow the users to set the list as required and ensures delivery as per the prescribed time.

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Supermarket based Grocery App

Since, with every passing day the online grocery market is moving up, there are plentiful supermarkets such as Publix that have enabled the purchase of grocery items via the app.

They are the combination of both the above- stated grocery apps and are entailed with the features such as push notifications and beacon technology (It spots a user nearby to its store).

Key Benefits Grocery Apps Offer to the Business and Users

The grocery apps can be described as the blessing for the grocery business owners since it has provided a rightful way to shop to the users. Let’s find out some of the major advantages of these apps.

  • 24×7 Availability

These apps are under operation for 12 months. Thus, users can shop anytime via these apps while sitting at any location.

  • Saves time

Obviously, when you are shopping via the grocery apps, it helps in saving a lot of time. The desired items are delivered at your place with just a few clicks and within a short span of time.

  • Collect your users’ reviews

Through these apps, the businesses can acquire the feedbacks from their users and can take necessary steps for improvising their services.

  • Track your order

The users can track their order as per the prescribed delivery date.

  • Discounts and Offers

Now since the grocery business is increasing day by day, the competition is growing ferociously in the market. The app creates an opportunity for the business owners to get through in the competition by serving deals and attractive discounts to the users.

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  • Simplified payments

Via using the online apps, the users can make payments through the online payment modes such as credit card, net banking etc.

  • Sell your own range of products

With the aid of grocery based mobile apps, the businesses can offer a large variety of grocery solutions in order to meet the diversifying user requirements.

  • Inventory management

With the aid of grocery based mobile apps, businesses can manage their inventory in an easy way. They can check the incoming and outgoing materials and can also determine the products that are most in demand from the users’ end.

Essential Features of Grocery App

In order to stand ahead in this hyper-competitive marketplace, it becomes really essential for the businesses to add top-notch features to the mobile app. Find out a few of them here:

User Panel:

Log-in and registration

This the most basic part of your grocery mobile app.  Allow the user to register himself/herself via the email id or phone number.

Upon registering, the user can insert the details such as address, age, and other information. This process is really helpful for the business owner as it helps them to send the information as and when required.

Search and Browse Products

Well, this can be described as the crucial feature of your grocery app. With the aid of this attribute, the user can search for the grocery products they are looking for.

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Track your order

Once the payment has been confirmed, the users can check the status of their order. Furthermore, they can also check when their order will be delivered.

Payment Gateway Integration

Adding payment gateways solution is really very imperative if you are looking for a superior On-demand grocery mobile app.

Under this feature, the users can pay via the internet banking, credit/debit card and other options for their items in a secure and easy way.

E-Wallet option such as Paytm and COD option can also be integrated into the app for delivering a true convenience to the users.


Push Notifications

This feature works great for keeping the users attuned with the app. The business owners can send appropriate notifications regarding the best offers, discounts, coupons, new items added and much more so as to keep the users attached to the app.

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Under this feature, the user can add the products into the cart and maintain his wish list. Once done he can proceed to check out in an easy way. He can store the selected products and can buy them later as well when required.

Ratings and Reviews

The words from your customers play a really important role in making your business flourish. Adding ratings and reviews allow the user to send their feedbacks after availing your service. This way, the businesses can identify the areas of improvisations in their app and can gather the experiences of their users as well.

Manage your items

Under this feature, the users can manage their items that are stored in the cart. They can check and verify the payments associated with them and accordingly can proceed for checkout.

Real-time communication

Your app should allow the users to coordinate with the support panel as and when required. It should be integrated with 24X7 chatting options so that the users can discuss their problems, as required.

In order to enhance the quality of an app, chatbots can be used for making the response to the user’s questions as and when required.

Admin Panel

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All the orders, users associated with the app and other activities that are taking place within the app are managed and tracked by admin.

Real-time Analytics

Through the real-time analytics, admin can check and analyze the past records of the users. He can check the users that are mostly visiting the app, the number of orders captured, number of clicks on the app and much more.

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In accordance with the data, the admin can plan the strategy for their business and can make the provisions for bolstering the users’ experience.

Via collecting the real-time statistics, admin can track the offers mostly availed by the users and can make their experience more streamlined.

Payment management

Under this feature, the admin is solely responsible for managing the payments against every assigned order.

All the payments that are directed by the online modes or are selected as COD are tracked by admin.

Inventory Management

Under this section, the admin can manage all the incoming and outcomes products. Other than this, he can check the stocks of the items in a convenient way.

Accordingly, the admin can also track and verify orders, payments, and other activities as well so as to keep the inventory up to date.

Order Management

Once the orders are confirmed by the user end, the admin can assign them the corresponding managers. This greatly helps in making the process of order delivery simplified and seamless.

Delivery Panel

Geo-Location Services

By using this feature, the delivery person can track the location of the users. Google Maps or the Apple Maps can be integrated for making the application work in a seamless way.

In-app communication

Under this feature, the users can directly communicate with the delivery person, in case he is unable to identify the correct location. The user can also suggest the most optimized path to the delivery boy for making the overall delivery faster and seamless.

 Manage (accept or reject) Delivery Request

The delivery team can accept or reject the request according to the delivery location. In the case of product unavailability, the team can cancel the request as well.

Grocery App Development team

  • Since the app is loaded mammoth data, the backend structure should be strong in such a way, that it can store ample data while developing the On-demand grocery app.
  • In order to develop a robust and reliable backend, the developers can Cassandra and PostgreSQL for engineering the cloud database at the server side.

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  • The structure of the development team remains constant with every venture unless it is complicated. The team will consist of a project manager, iOS or Android developer or both if required, a backend developer, a UI and UX designer, and a Quality Assurance lead or tester.
  • The next important component that plays a major role is app designing. While developing the app, UI and UX are the ones that must be handled with the proper attention. Thus, the team of designers must take all the significant steps for making the overall app display standards appealing.
  • Proceeding further, make sure to fragment all the sections and categories of the app in the right way. All the payment gateways, scanning tools, and other features must be checked, whether they are working fine or not.  This is the only way out that can make your app stand out in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

How much does it cost to develop an On-demand grocery mobile app?

The cost of developing a grocery app can be decided on the basis of:

  • Platform selected (iOS or Android)
  • Pricing Model
  • Features to be added
  • Whether you are hiring the freelancer or a mobile app development company

The price for developing an app depends on the location of the app development company. Roughly, it has been estimated that it cost between $14k to 18k for developing a similar kind of grocery app with the above features.

Reviewing Corner:

In this post, we have shed light some basic fundamentals that are required for developing an On-demand grocery mobile app.  Now we all know, about the bright future that the online grocery business holds. Therefore, it is just the right time for getting On-demand grocery app developed in order to meet with the diverse user demands.

All you need to locate a skilled Mobile App Development Firm for getting the fully featured mobile app. We at DarkBears are just the right choice for you if you are really interested in having an app that masters in quality standards.

We will help you with the right budget estimate for developing your On-demand grocery apps, in order to make you stand ahead within the crowd.



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