How Blockchain Technology is Making a Difference in Mobile App Security

admin / October 18, 2021


What will be your first concern if you have a business and want to develop a mobile application? 
Yes, we all know that. 
The first concern is always mobile app security. You want to offer a secure app to your users who don’t hesitate to share their name, email ID, phone number, financial details, address, etc. 

Furthermore, hackers have become advanced nowadays and come up with new, innovative breaching methods to hack into the systems. 

The irony is that most businesses still rely on the traditional security measures and methodologies, which are good, but no longer effective. The ideal way to secure your mobile app is to use Blockchain for mobile security. 

A survey conducted revealed that more than 43% of businesses have sacrificed mobile security in 2019 alone. The main reason was the command to the team to complete the app before the launch day. Unfortunately, developers and testers worked on the command and forgot about strengthening the security of the applications. 

In the era of digitalization, where mobile apps are considered revenue generators, you cannot launch an app with highly advanced security measures. You just cannot put the sensitive data given by users at risk with a low-security app. 

Blockchain has the potential to provide robust app security to any mobile application. You might have heard Blockchain in the form of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, but it is much more than it. It is a revolutionary technology that various business verticals and niches have embraced due to its sheer benefits. 

Why Blockchain for Mobile App Security?

You might get such thoughts. There are anti-viruses and other security measures already available. Why hire blockchain app development company for mobile security? Most of the time, anti-viruses work to keep the app data away from hackers and prevent data breaches. 

The main reason is the device which we use. Advanced smartphones are good, but they are available with many loopholes. You cannot rely on the implementation of software available for a security. It is not enough to keep your apps safe from advanced hackers. This is the reason. Blockchain is crucial to keep your apps safe and secure. 

Blockchain is a powerful technology that makes it almost impossible to alter any data within the system. Furthermore, it also ensures 100% data transparency among stakeholders when it comes to mobile app security. 

A new report suggests that the global blockchain market will hit $7.7 billion by the end of 2024. 

The main reason why Blockchain is proliferating is its simplicity. Furthermore, it is easy to access. It just takes no time to integrate your complex and encrypted data into very strengthened and secure systems. It is the reason why banks and other financial sectors are investing millions in exploring the potential of this technology. 

Now, we will discuss some of the blockchain features that make it a perfect choice for mobile app security. 

What makes blockchain technology a perfect choice for mobile app security?

1. Decentralized System to Enhance Data Transparency

One of the most fantastic benefits of Blockchain is its decentralized ledger. There is no sole authority or admin who takes care of or controls everything. Here, each stakeholder can make amends in any document in the ledger. Hence, you can eliminate any fraudulent errors or fabricated attempts by any stakeholders. 

If any stakeholder makes any changes in the document or data, all stakeholders will be notified. It makes the app tamper-proof and secure. That is the reason why businesses are hiring blockchain app developers for customizing their apps with blockchain technology. 

When you offer app security, you will be able to gain the trust of your users. It is tough to earn trust. Users can safely make transactions through an app. 

If you think that Blockchain is restricted to only the finance sector, it is not a true statement. You can integrate blockchain technology with apps from different business verticals such as retail, healthcare, logistics, etc. 

2. It is Server-free and Ensures User Identity Protection

Generally, most businesses have their office servers where all data is stored and maintained. However, these servers are the most vulnerable assets. It is a rookie’s job to hack these servers as server vulnerabilities are apparent and easy to breach.

Though there are many server security practices and approaches available such as SSH, SSL, VPN, and others, they are not enough to ensure security for server-based applications. 

When it comes to Blockchain, data is not stored in any servers. It is in the system, and no hacker can attack the whole system. In Blockchain, data is stored in different blocks, and breaching these blocks is almost impossible.

In addition to that, not all stakeholders have the authority to alter data in these blocks. Here, cryptography with secret key encryption makes it impossible for anyone to misuse any data.

3. Mobile Apps Can be Password Free 

We all are so habitual to passwords that we cannot imagine our lives without them. Unfortunately, however, there is no rocket science to leak or hack passwords for experienced hackers. So no matter how challenging and tricky passwords you set for your smartphones, they are vulnerable. 

On the other hand, Blockchain can eliminate the need for having passwords for your phone. As a result, you can have password-free apps on your smartphones that are highly challenging to hack.

The reason is simple. When your app is embedded with Blockchain, there is no way anyone can make any transactions without notifying other stakeholders. So you don’t need to authenticate your identity to use the app, as no one can use the app without you. Just hire blockchain app developers, and that is all you need to do. 

The parties, including payments, track every transaction happening in the decentralized system. In addition to that, the blockchain network reviewed all transactions, the authenticity of the depositor, and other things. All these details are accessible to everyone. No one can enter the system without getting noticed. 

4. Secure Mobile Payments

Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, allowing quick, secure, and contactless payments. If you want to make a payment, all you need to do is share the other party’s account details, and the payment will be made.

The peer-to-peer network is the most secure and highly affordable platform for payments. You can ensure secure mobile payments with Blockchain. 

5. Secure Mobile App Infrastructure

When your app is integrated with blockchain technology, it allows blockchain app developers to store DNS entries on a decentralized blockchain platform. For hackers, breaching such infrastructure is not an easy task. Here, user data is under the system’s control, and transparent DNS makes it impossible for hackers to hack the system. 

Even if government bodies want to make any changes in the records, they have to take the consent of the stakeholders. 

The reason is Keyless Security Infrastructure (KSI), which Blockchain uses to store all data in the cryptographic hash form. For verification, the hashing algorithm is used. The main beauty of this algorithm is that any manipulations can be identified and tracked in real-time, offering superior mobile app security. 

Benefits of Blockchain for app development

Now, let’s discuss how Blockchain for mobile security offers some fantastic benefits. 

1. Enhances the app reliability 

The blockchain infrastructure is highly robust and reliable. It enhances the overall reliability of the mobile app as well. Your mobile app will not crash or collapse even in challenging times. In addition to that, there is no chance of alteration of data in the app as all blocks are processing the data in multiple places. All stakeholders see all notifications. 

2. Increased efficiency and speed of the app 

Blockchain eliminates the need for any third-party vendors and mediators as it is based on a peer-to-peer network. Therefore, there are no risks associated with any third parties. 

Furthermore, hiring a Blockchain app development company ensures the superior integration of blockchain technology with the app. Blockchain transactions are way faster and more secure than bank transfers. 

While traditional bank transfers depend on various stakeholders and formalities, blockchain transactions can be done in a few minutes, irrespective of the amount. Moreover, you can make transactions at any given time of day. 

3. Blockchain promotes simplicity 

When you decide to integrate Blockchain with your app, you promote simplicity and authenticity to the system. Blockchain has pre-defined simplified functionalities compared to other systems, and it makes it easy for developers to develop cost-effective and robust apps. 

Complex technologies might make the overall cost of development higher. It is not the case with Blockchain. You can maintain and modify the app with minimal resources. 

4. It is an open-source technology. 

The owner companies and organizations control other open-source technologies out there. However, it is not the issue with Blockchain. It is a complete standalone technology with an open-source development platform that offers complete freedom to blockchain app developers. 


Blockchain for mobile security is the need of the hour. You can relax and enjoy your other tasks when you have a blockchain-enabled mobile app. First, however, you need to hire a development company with a proven track record and good clients’ reviews. 

Blockchain is easy to use and implement, ensures the app’s security, and is a highly advanced technology that ensures transparency and authenticity. 

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