All that it Takes to Build a Chatbot

Narender Yadav / May 16, 2019

All that it Takes to Build a Chatbot

To begin with, a Chatbot is a computer program that simulates the effect of having a conversation with an actual human. Primarily, its task is to take in commands from the user and throw back the most relevant responses.

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Some Thoughts about TypeScript, Kotlin & their Application in Systems Programming

Narender Yadav / May 7, 2019

TypeScript and Kotlin

Development frameworks have come a long way. Earlier bulky and cumbersome frameworks formed the basis of robust software. These have now evolved.

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How IOT is changing our Home

Narender Yadav / April 22, 2019

How IOT is changing our Homes

The smart home was just a concept a few years ago. We used to see intelligent and remotely controlled home appliances and instruments in super-hero movie

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What Enterprises Must Know About Multi-Cloud Management

Narender Yadav / April 15, 2019

multi Cloud Management

Multi-cloud deployments are on the rise. Multi-cloud is being embraced by enterprises as they do not need to be restricted to a single framework and can avail greater flexibility.

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Know More About the System Development Life Cycle

Narender Yadav / March 29, 2019

Know More About the System Development Life Cycle

For time immemorial, the waterfall framework defined and dominated the world of software development. By incorporating a sequential design process across the Software Development Life Cycle

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How Systems Architecture is Changing

Narender Yadav / March 11, 2019

How systems architecture is changing

As CIOs struggle with the challenge of keeping systems current while devising strategies to incorporate cloud, microservices, analytics, and other disruptive technologies, how is your systems architecture holding up?

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