The Weakest Link? The Vulnerabilities That Can Hurt Your IoT Project

Narender Yadav / February 19, 2019

The Weakest Link The Vulnerabilities That Can Hurt Your IoT Project

A magical IoT implementation is the result of many disparate things coming together.  We know that an IoT Ecosystem is much more than just sensors. It has a gateway, connectivity, several integration points, analytics, and a significant cloud component attached to it.

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What’s the Embedded Systems AI Story?

Narender Yadav / February 11, 2019

What’s the Embedded Systems AI Story

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as we popularly know it, has stepped out of the science fiction movies and has become a part of our everyday lives. AI tech is now powering almost everything

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Why Systems Programmers must Know Python

Narender Yadav / January 25, 2019

Why Systems Programmers must Know Python

The Tiobe Index for 2018 ranks Python as one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Owing to accessibility and ease-of-use, Python has managed to climb

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Newspaper App Development – The Developmental Cost and The Features

Narender Yadav / January 23, 2019

Newspaper App Development The developmental cost and the features

Raise your hands if you still remember, how you used to wait for the newspaper every morning? Well, for many ages, people were addicted to the habit of reading and still it prevails amongst the old age generation.

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Food Ordering App Development: Essential Features and Cost

Narender Yadav / December 18, 2018

We can define eating as something that is loved and embraced by people of all age groups. Therefore, in such a scenario, what else can be a better option than getting your delicious meals from your favorite restaurants within just a few clicks.

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Internet Of Things: IoT Application Development for Redefining Home Automation

Narender Yadav / December 12, 2018


Just think of a world where every device in your house is connected and giving you all the right directions to lead a fluent life.  Right, form all the equipment’s such as lights, doors, water systems, thermostats etc

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