What are the Top 5 industries using IoT Solutions, and how is IoT Technology Impacting them?

admin / December 27, 2021

industries using IoT

Internet of Things is a technology that makes a network of different physical things such as sensors, technologies, and software. IoT technology is booming like anything, and with recent smart appliances such as Siri, Alexa, and OK Google, it has been on a growing spree.
The IoT will impact almost all industries and sectors. The process has been started already.

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How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for SaaS Development?

admin / December 22, 2021

Technology Stack for SaaS Development

Choosing the right SaaS tech stack for your business is not as easy as it seems. But, at Darkbears, we recommend going for the simple and reliable technologies and tools available on every layer of the stack. You shouldn’t search out niche tools without LTS support; instead, focus on selecting the most popular technology on the market.

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How Can IoT Devices Make Your Home Safer and More Secure?

admin / December 2, 2021

IoT Devices Make Your Home Safer and More Secure

If you own smart devices such as smart speakers, TVs, thermostats, fridges, security cameras, and whatnot, your privacy and security could be at stake. Because, in essence, these are multiple entry points with rickety security that could leave you prone to attacks.
With our homes getting more connected and tech-empowered, the more opportunity it gives hackers to intervene in our lives and daily routine.

And we all know Home Security is very important for everyone.
If so, it would be hard as a rock for attackers to compromise your system. In such a case, you can hire IoT app developers

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WooCommerce Not Working Out? Here Are 4 the best Alternatives to Manage Your Online Store

admin / November 8, 2021

Today, there are innumerable website builders for DIY eCommerce website development; still, people are more inclined towards WordPress development.
The ability to list down products, inventory tracking, order shipment and fulfillment, payment system, and many more is a pre-requisite of a business owner, which a default WordPress installation cannot do. And that’s where WooCommerce – An eCommerce plugin for WordPress comes into play.

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What are core web vitals? Why is it essential for every website, and how to improve them?

admin / November 2, 2021

core web vitals

We all know how search engine optimization works. SEO marketing professionals perform many activities to improve your website’s authority and awareness to get you on the top position of Google when someone searches for relevant keywords.
This blog will help you understand some key web vitals that play an essential role in your brand’s SEO strategy. After reading the post, you will know many things about SEO. If you are lucky, you might also know what is the issue why your website is not there on Google’s first page.

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Top 5 Android Mobile App Development Framework

admin / October 28, 2021

Android Mobile App Development Framework

Businesses and consumers have experienced a paradigm shift from desktops to mobility in recent years. The business owners have understood to keep a constant connection with their users to remain top of the competitors, so the customers don’t get carried away by the competitors. And, now the world is in the mobile phone so should be your business which has given rise to mobile app development.

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