Software Trends that will dominate the coming decade

admin / June 9, 2021

software trends

According to the Statista reports, the software market will contribute more than 5 million dollars in 2021. Sound’s amazing isn’t it!

Though the above stats are lucrative enough to enter your footsteps in the software development industry, at the same time, it confuses you with innumerable questions like:

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How to price a mobile software development project?

admin / May 24, 2021

App development cost

Creating a mobile app has a development lifecycle similar to the traditional Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The following factors determine the best-fit approach to the mobile software development process and thus, the pricing:

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IT Outsourcing Pain Points and Its Solutions

admin / May 17, 2021

it outsourcing

Though outsourcing talents may come along with innumerable benefits including access to a wider talent pool, reduces labor cost, and improved productivity, but in reality, things aren’t as smooth as it seems.

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How Blockchain Will Change the Way We Store and Use Data?

Narender Yadav / April 4, 2021

How Data-Storage is Transforming Because of Blockchain

Cloud Storage, while established, has some challenges. It is seen as expensive and enterprises often need to plan and buy excess storage in advance.  There can be latency involved in getting data, depending on the location of the cloud service provider.

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How to Choose the Right App Development Platform? – A Complete Guide for Start-Ups in 2021.

Narender Yadav / April 3, 2021

Well, beginning with any business is tough and in such a scenario, if we decide to take it mobile, the journey becomes all the way tougher.

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Top Reasons for Businesses to Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

admin / March 31, 2021

The problem for businesses with not building a cross-development app is they can never know where the potential customer might be; In fact, it is predicted that the cross-platform mobile app development demand in the overall app development market will surpass $7.9 Billion in 2021. Therefore, it is advised for businesses to have cross-platform mobile apps.

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