Top 5 Technologies for Developing Successful Mobile App for Any Business 

admin / September 28, 2021

Can you think about a life without a smartphone in today’s age?

Another revolutionary thing that happened in the 21st century is mobile applications. Whether you want to chat with your loved ones or shop online or want to play games, there is an app for you. 

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives so that people are completely engrossed in them throughout the day. 

Everything is in your palms now. You can access news, watch your favorite shows, buy things, pay, and maintain a calendar online with the help of these robust, feature-rich mobile applications. 

The pandemic hit us hard in the last year, and the world now understands the increasing importance of mobile app development technology that can offer some striking features and functionalities. 

Even smartphone manufacturing companies are now upgrading their technologies to support mobile app features such as 5G, Artificial Reality, Visual Reality tech, and many more. 

If you want to build a mobile app for your business, you must first learn about available mobile app development technologies to ensure that you choose the right one. 

Here is a list of the top 5 mobile app development technologies that have carved a niche for themselves by performing exceedingly well. 

1. React Native App Development 

Ask any mobile app development company, and they will tell why they love React Native. 

It is one of the most developer-friendly, user-friendly, open-source mobile app development frameworks powered by Facebook. Mostly, React Native is used to creating hybrid applications using JavaScript. 

React Native offers some fantastic features and rightly grabbing the attention of businesses and app developers to develop highly secure, robust, and feature-rich cross-platform mobile applications. Some of the React Native-powered apps are Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, Airbnb, and Skype. 

React Native needs to create code once, and developers can reuse it for another platform. It is the key reason behind the popularity of React Native. 

Advantages of React Native

  • As discussed, a developer needs to write code once and then deploy it both on the iOS and Android platforms. It will save your development costs and time by reducing the development cycle. 
  • In addition to that, React Native also provides various predefined components and libraries. These components improve the development process speed and efficiency. You can deliver the app on time, without any further delay. 
  • Furthermore, It has vast community support. If you find any issue during the development process, you can reach out to the community to address the issue. 
  • Also, React Native emphasizes more on building the core UI. Hence, the UI of the React Native apps is smooth, highly responsive, and user-friendly. 
  • React Native also offers a superiorly configurable chatbot library to facilitate your users with chatbots for quick problem-solving. 

You can reduce the cost by almost 50% when you choose React Native app development services. 

2. Xamarin App Development 

The main reason why businesses prefer cross-platform application development is because it is a seamless process and reduces the cost to a great extent. 

When it comes to Xamarin, it is the most famous cross-platform mobile app development technology. Xamarin was the first framework that allowed developers to develop cross-platform applications. It is now part of Microsoft Visual Studio. 

Here, C# is the primary language when it comes to writing codes. Furthermore, it has a wide range of interactive codes to develop feature-rich applications. It is available as a free SDK within Microsoft Visual Studio Code Editor. 

Benefits of Xamarin app development

  • Do you want to hire three separate teams to create a mobile application compatible with all of them? Instead, you can choose Xamarin app development services and cut down your costs to a great extent. 
  • One of the most used app development frameworks is to build a single logic app using C# and .Net with a universal tool. 
  • With Xamarin, you can have two different development approaches for app development. Forms Technology and Xamarine Native. Forms Technology is mainly preferred when you want to focus on code-sharing rather than custom UI. You will have a single UI for all the platforms. 
  • Xamarine Native has a separate UI for each platform and is used when UI is more important than code sharing. You will have the best app performance, and it facilitates frequent updates as well. 
  • In addition, it also has a full-featured IDE and has various tools to test and monitor the app’s performance, such as Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder. 
  • Olo, Insightly, SuperGiant Games, Alaska Airlines, World Bank Survey, and FreshDirect are developed with the Xamarin framework. 

3. Ionic App development

Ionic has been a trusted name for years to develop high-quality native and web applications. It is an open-source HTML5 SDK framework that has helped create more than 5 million mobile applications. 

It allows developers to make high-quality mobile applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools. 

Ionic mainly focuses on the look and app’s UI interaction. You can have platform-specific UI elements with the help of the native components library. Ionic apps are known for their customizable themes and components. It is an npm module and uses AngularJS for app development, as AngularJS makes development and testing easier. 

Benefits of Ionic app development

  • Ionic offers some fantastic benefits to developers by providing features such as typography, API components, customizable themes, and interactive paradigms. 
  • Furthermore, Ionic CLI is available with a built-in server and is integrated with Cordova and PhoneGap for code compilation. 
  • In addition to that, you can reduce development costs and maintenance. Ionic app development becomes superlatively easier if the developer is familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, the framework offers some pre-generated apps to create app layouts. 

Also, if you don’t find the app satisfactory, you can integrate it with different tools. Also, it can be tested with the browser and has strong developer community support as well. In case you have any troubles while developing the app, you can reach out to industry experts. 

Developers love Ionic as it is the best framework to build highly operational applications with a single code base. Pacifica, Sworekit, JustWatch, and McDonald’s are some apps developed with the Ionic app development framework. 

4. Swift App Development

Swift is a robust programming language for macOS, iOS, WatchOS, OS X, and tvOS. In recent years, Swift has replaced traditional Objective-C completely. One of the reasons why developers love Swift as it is very expressive and defines the intent clearly. 

Why hire Swift app development services? 

The reason is its impressive performance ability. Swift removes the unsafe code classes from the system and offers smooth and safe programming. Swift uses superior high-performance LLVM compiler technology. 

Benefits of Swift app development

  • It follows highly safe and straightforward programming patterns with some outstanding features. Also, developers find the language delightful to work with as it offers some excellent features and functionalities.

Swift does not ask the developers to import separate libraries to support the app’s features and functionalities. 

  • It is available with different packages to organize the app more smoothly and flawlessly. 
  • With Swift, mitigating errors and risks are easy as it is less prone to errors due to functional programs. Developers can easily make iOS apps from enterprise apps to Watch apps. 
  • Some of the apps developed with Swift are Firefox iOS, WordPress, 2048 Game, and AudioKit.

5. Kotlin App Development 

It is a statistically typed programming language developed by the Jetbrains community. The main objective of developing Kotlin was to combine object-oriented and functional programming features. It is the advanced version of Java and can be interoperable with Java codes. 

If you hire a mobile app development company offering Kotlin app services, ensure that they have completed its projects with Kotlin in the past. With Kotlin, you can get the similar behavior, appearance, and performance of the native UI. 

Benefits of Kotlin app development

  • If you are a developer, you know the null pointer exception fixing and how challenging it is during app development. However, with Kotlin, you don’t have to worry about it as Kotlin has a type system that offers null safety. The app will not crash during runtime. 
  • You can start using Kotlin in your Java project as both generate the same byte code. Kotlin is much safer than Java. 
  • Apps developed with Kotlin offer superior user experience and code maintainability. With less code, you can build apps in just no time. 
  • Some of the apps made by Kotlin are Pinterest, Coursera, Evernote, and Uber. 


It is obvious to face a dilemma when choosing the best mobile app development technology, especially a layman. These five technologies are highly popular and serve the core purpose brilliantly. Ask the mobile app development company to choose one of these five for app development. They will go through your briefing and come with the best solution that suits your business needs.

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