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Our IoT app solutions include the following services

Mobile end user apps

Bluetooth app development

Backend and API development

App security consulting

Big data analytics

iBeacon app development

M2M communications

Wired and WiFi solutions

Internet of Things has become an everyday thing in the life of the people – be it in homes, industries, or business enterprises. IoT connects everything to everyone in this world and makes it a smarter place to live in. Existing and the upcoming businesses need to understand the value of the opportunities that come their way and the challenges that lie before them in order to fully harness the potential of the Internet of Things.

With our IoT services, we empower the organizations to

Analyze the new data and act upon it

Use IoT devices and sensors to make real-time measurements on every step of your manufacturing process. Track your patients’ well-being around-the-clock with remote IoT monitoring. More so, IoT devices will gather Big Data and present you with insightful analytics, ensuring every employee makes informed decisions.

Perform integration and transformation of the business processes

Employ an IoT platform to optimize your logistics and customer experience in retail. Use IoT sensors for accurate stock monitoring. Install smart shelves with digital price labelling and sensors in your stores. You will be able to constantly track item depletion, save time on changing prices, and monitor your customers’ behaviour and suspicious activity.

Use augmented intelligence to improve the decision making

Strong security is essential to the successful operation of your IoT initiatives. Safeguard your network with intrusion prevention and detection systems and traditional security means like endpoint protection. Secure your IoT devices with two-factor authentication, digital certificates, and biometrics. Strengthen the security further with cryptographic algorithms. Use cryptography and public key management systems for a reliable public key infrastructure.

Integrate the existing business infrastructure with the IoT solutions

IoT sensors will let you monitor the smallest measurements in your operations, drastically improving the overall business efficiency. Industrial IoT systems will help you detect the smallest pain points in the manufacturing process with many sensors. In agriculture, employ IoT sensors to monitor the soil to help farmers make timely irrigation decisions. Install IoT sensors on the property of your insurance clients to learn about unexpected events right away.

Why Hire our Expert IoT Developers

Our experienced and professional IoT experts build feature-rich and appealing extensions giving equal importance to mapping and ensuring speedy performance.

  • Thorough research is performed on the idea given by you before our team of developers start working and implementation of the project.
  • We work in a cordial and flexible environment wherein nothing is done forcefully. Instead, we offer full flexibility to the clients to tell us what their idea is and then try to make it workable.
  • The mobile and web solutions offered by us are equipped with some out-of-the-box features. These features may include newsfeed, photo galleries, etc.
  • We provide quick responses for the queries placed by you on our website. You need not wait for long to know our response and the price quotes.
  • Our long years of experience have helped us develop a working methodology of our own. We work according to that and it comes out to be perfect.

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Top-Notch Internet Of Things Development Services

The dedicated team of developers at Dark Bears make use of the latest technologies for the development of the IoT apps so as to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to our customers. The technologies that we use include MQTT, XMPP, AMQP, CoAP as the supported protocols. We provide connectivity of the following types – Wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE, GSM Network, etc.

Our software developers have been chosen after testing their skills and expertise in the field of development services. They leave no stone unturned in delivering the best quality solutions to you.

You too can witness an amazing experience with IoT by hiring the experts at Dark Bears.

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