Testing and Automation

Testing and Automation entails the task of WHQL Testing. Dark Bears provides trustworthy WHQL testing services to the vendors of the device drivers who are looking to achieve the Windows certification for their hardware. This authentic certification certifies the fact that all your drivers are appropriate and compatible with the Windows’ operating system.

Dark Bears - Unlocking the Untapped Capability of your Enterprise

If you are facing the problems of testing in your network and are not able to resolve it then you need not worry anymore. Dark Bears can help you eliminate all the problems in the automation and testing by modernising your networking and storage technologies. We provide dynamic solutions to all the challenges posed by the testing and automation architecture.

Dark Bears is the leading provider of highly efficient and cohesive end-to-end testing and automation architecture that features a wide variety of access options and unbridled performance while giving you utmost control over the availability and cost of the data.

Boasting over a decade of hands-on experience in High-Performance Networking and Storage, our team of intelligent professionals churns out distinct technologies to remove complexity from of the equation for hassle-free system deployment, operation and maintenance. Using next-generation routine technology and network infrastructure, we successfully deliver a superfluous of reliability, speed, and unlimited scalability to our clients. This ensures enhanced agility necessary to help you stay competitive and productive.

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Effective and Efficient Testing and Automation Services

No matter which protocol your system works upon, whether it is the TCP/IP, Ethernet, DCBX, FCoE, iSCSI, or RDMA, we offer reliable and quick testing and automation services for all of them. The experts working with us look and consider each and every aspect of your requirement and then proceed with the development work.

For any system that generates a huge amount of data we offer the best design and integration support at the most reasonable prices. We are known to deliver excellent software development services and therefore have earned the trust and confidence of the customers all over the world.

Why should you avail our services?

We prove what we say by the quality of the work we deliver to our customers. Our team works tirelessly to offer the world-class services to you. The professionals at Dark Bears have the knowledge and expertise to perform WHQL testing using the latest version of Windows including Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. We house the most sophisticated testing environment that enables us to thoroughly test your hardware driver’s reliability. This sophisticated and advanced testing facility makes us the leader in WHQL testing.

The following features are some of the highlights of our networking and storage services:

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  • Reliable and purpose built network by our team
  • Top-quality network scalability
  • We deliver the most intelligent and secure network and storage solutions
  • Lowest prices offered by us in the industry