iBeacon App Development

IBeacon was developed by the Apple corporation as a protocol. Later various companies made such physical devices as the transmitters which were compatible with the iBeacon. It serves as a wireless device which can transmit signals to the tablets and the mobile devices located nearby. This device makes use of Bluetooth low energy. With this energy, it transmits and broadcasts signals.

Indeed, iBeacon technology delivers limitless opportunities for mobile personalization and proximity marketing in a variety of industries including retail and event management among others.

At Dark Bears, we help you push your boundaries and provide a more profound and rich user experience through the integration of fresh ideas and the latest technologies in your mobile applications. Our iBeacon app development services are creatively designed to help you connect easily with your clients, personalize the user experience as well as drive more cross-channel sales.

Our iBeacon experts have worked on various projects and have been quite successful in all their endeavours. They have developed many apps with the iBeacon. Some of them are listed below:

  •   Health-related apps
  •   Online payment apps
  •   Shopping apps
  •   Music apps
  •   Travel apps
  •   Discount notifications
  •   Indoor navigation and maps
  •   Documents transfer
  •   News apps, etc.
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Expertise with iBeacon Development

From contactless payment systems to creating in-store solutions and more, our developers are up - to - date with the know-how and skill set to use this emerging technology correctly to develop new iBeacon applications to bridge the gap between your marketing efforts and target customers’ purchasing decisions. As a leading iBeacon app development company, we possess immense expertise in the same that directly engages your consumer and stimulates strong brand loyalty using push notifications and proximity-based content messaging.

Benefits of an iBeacon Application

These days almost all our clients ask for the development of an iBeacon application. Lets us know about the benefits of the same.

  •  Privacy
  •  Affordability
  •  Integrity
  •  Security
  •  Accuracy
  •  Usability

As a new technology, iBeacon app development is fast-paced and already raising the bar. Dark Bears is an innovative iOS iBeacon development company that provides a complete solution that helps you engage customers, create and deploy proximity-based apps and experiences using iBeacon(TM) and Eddystone(TM) technologies for iOS.

We work by enlisting the latest innovations in technology in order to provide you with the best iBeacon app development solutions. With the exceptional skills and expertise possessed by our team of software developers, we offer the best iBeacon solutions to our clients.

Dark Bears iBeacon development services deliver custom projects with different rollouts. From our initial consultation through to installation and testing, we work hard to ensure your iBeacon applications provide a compelling mobile experience that easily invigorates the relationship between your brand and customers. Whether making offer promotions to target customers and prospects, enhancing track-foot traffic to your stores or triggering push notifications in relations to user behaviour, our Bluetooth low energy iBeacon development professionals build custom ios iBeacons that are easily submitted.

Want to learn more about adding beacons to your existing mobile apps or scaling both your mobile applications and number of iBeacons within your needs and budget? Go no further than Dark Bears. Contact us right away!