The do’s & don’ts of E-commerce Product Page Design

Narender Yadav / July 22, 2015

Setting up an e-commerce product page? So, how can you give your sales a boost and, exactly what must be put in place to create a powerful and effective product page and reap all the benefits? Launching an ecommerce website is quite a challenge especially for small businesses, but E-commerce web design companies can help you make designing and maintaining an online store relatively simple and affordable.

While setting up a successful product page may seem daunting at first, don’t fret, here’s top  do’s and don’ts you need to know to do it right. And perhaps by following all these tips you should be able to create incredibly revenue-generating ecommerce website for your business.

DO Keep the Design Clean

1. Do Keep the Design Clean

Keep the product page design neat and clean along with a clear and concise navigation structure. You can also use a lot of white space and it’s should look pretty pleasant to the eyes, as well as, it should offer a simple way to complete a purchase procedure.

2. Don’t Use Inferior Quality Product Images

Online shoppers don’t get to see, touch or feel the product, so the good quality, high resolution, clear product image are vitally important. Having clear product images on the product page helps attract more business and, moreover, help customers make better decision.

Keep the Images Well-Optimized

3. Keep the Images Well-Optimized

Your slow loading page may drive customers away. Keep the product images well optimized to boost the loading time, also make sure that the product images can be zoom-in and zoom-out for a better, bigger, clearer and closer view.

Do Have a Short yet Informative Product Description

4. Do Have a Short yet Informative Product Description

Make sure to keep the product descriptions short, yet rich with enough interesting details to answer all possible questions from customer. Also keep the font size, color and text alignments perfect to enhance the virtual feel of the product.

Do Optimize Product Title

5. Do Optimize Product Title

It is always good to use the H1 tag for the product title, which will help search engines to index the product page.

Do Add a Filter Option

6. Do Add a Filter Option

It becomes very convenient and easy to shop online, where a customer can refine his/her search options and quickly find the perfect item.

7. Don’t miss to display Product Reviews

Product reviews work as a huge confidence builder, and are great sales driver. According to market research reports “63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews”.

Make Sure to Prominently Display CALL TO ACTION Buttons

8. Make Sure to Prominently Display call to action Buttons

Make it nice and clear, and distinguish it from other elements on the page.Your call to action buttons should be clearly designed and placed and also it should be uniform throughout the website to avoid any confusion.

9. Don’t Miss to show stock Availability

If an item is out of stock it should be clearly shown, by doing so you can avoid any frustration or annoyance and enhance customers shopping experience.

Show Available Payment Methods

10. Show Available Payment Methods

How can customers make payment for the item? You should list down all the available methods, as this may affect a decision to purchase.

Use Product Videos to Gain Higher Customer Confidence

11. Use Product Videos to Gain Higher Customer Confidence

Online shopping misses the physical experience and the joy of experiencing a product in real. Contextual images help a lot in decision making, but chances are your customer isn’t completely satisfied and the chances of higher product return remains. This is why the product videos play a major role in providing a virtual product experience which helps in making better purchase decisions.

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Narender Yadav

Narender Yadav is the Chief Technology Officer for Dark Bears. He has several years of experience in working on high-performance networking and storage devices for different OEMs like HP, IBM/Lenovo, Dell/EMC, Cisco. He believes in "Fortune favours the brave" and is never afraid of taking risks worth taking in his professional and personal life to provide the finest services with best standards.

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