How Blockchain Technology is Making a Difference in Mobile App Security

admin / October 18, 2021


What will be your first concern if you have a business and want to develop a mobile application? Yes, we all know that. The first concern is always mobile app security. You want to offer a secure app to your users who don’t hesitate to share their name, email ID, phone number, financial details, address, etc.  Furthermore, …

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Top 5 Technologies for Developing Successful Mobile App for Any Business 

admin / September 28, 2021

If you want to build a mobile app for your business, you must first learn about available mobile app development technologies to ensure that you choose the right one.
Here is a list of the top 5 mobile app development technologies that have carved a niche for themselves by performing exceedingly well.

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Angular vs. React: Which is Most suitable for Your Web Application?

admin / August 4, 2021

Angular vs. React

Angular and React are two names that pop up when we think of the JavaScript ecosystem. Both are highly popular, and developers love them as well. Both front-end development frameworks offer some unmatched advantages to developers, and at the same time, both frameworks have their limitations.

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Security Checklist Every Laravel Developer Can Use

admin / July 20, 2021

Security Checklist Every Laravel Developer Can Use

Whether you own a small business or a large one, website security is the primary concern. Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology, various online attackers and spammers are preparing themselves to discover a new method to attack your website.

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Angular vs React vs Vue: Pros, Cons and When to Use

admin / June 28, 2021


Which Framework Is the Winner Here- Angular, React, Or Vue? 
Each of these frameworks has its benefits and drawbacks. Based on your project requirements and its features, you can gauge the technology stack capable enough to deliver quality software solutions. 

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MEAN stack vs. MERN stack: Which is better? Here is a complete guide.

admin / June 16, 2021

MEAN stack vs. MERN stack

A stack is a combination of multiple programming languages, frameworks, and technologies used to build a web and mobile app.
In today’s competitive environment, technological innovation is taking leaps and bounds to serve multiple industries.

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