Offshore Software Development Rates by Country

admin / February 1, 2022

Offshore Software Development Rates by Country

Are you planning to outsource your software development project to an offshore software development company? If yes, then please read on.
Check out the offshore software development rates mentioned in this guide, and you will be able to decide for your project. Also, don’t miss things to consider covered in this guide to avoid clashes and issues in the future.

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How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for SaaS Development?

admin / December 22, 2021

Technology Stack for SaaS Development

Choosing the right SaaS tech stack for your business is not as easy as it seems. But, at Darkbears, we recommend going for the simple and reliable technologies and tools available on every layer of the stack. You shouldn’t search out niche tools without LTS support; instead, focus on selecting the most popular technology on the market.

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10 Software Security best practices for 2021. 

admin / September 10, 2021

10 software security

Many people still think that software security isn’t a big deal. However, if we look back to the older times, people had documented whose access rights were assigned to a particular group. However, the adoption of cloud-based technology leverages document access to the third party too. Enforcement of a few ground rules and practices has become mandatory for the software development company to scale the software security.

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Software Trends that will dominate the coming decade

admin / June 9, 2021

software trends

According to the Statista reports, the software market will contribute more than 5 million dollars in 2021. Sound’s amazing isn’t it!

Though the above stats are lucrative enough to enter your footsteps in the software development industry, at the same time, it confuses you with innumerable questions like:

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How to price a mobile software development project?

admin / May 24, 2021

App development cost

Creating a mobile app has a development lifecycle similar to the traditional Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The following factors determine the best-fit approach to the mobile software development process and thus, the pricing:

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IT Outsourcing Pain Points and Its Solutions

admin / May 17, 2021

it outsourcing

Though outsourcing talents may come along with innumerable benefits including access to a wider talent pool, reduces labor cost, and improved productivity, but in reality, things aren’t as smooth as it seems.

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