What are the Top 5 industries using IoT Solutions, and how is IoT Technology Impacting them?

admin / December 27, 2021

industries using IoT

Internet of Things, also shortly abbreviated as IoT, has been in the news for some time. Internet of Things is a technology that makes a network of different physical things such as sensors, technologies, and software. These physical things can connect and exchange data with other devices with the help of the internet. 

IoT technology is booming like anything, and with recent smart appliances such as Siri, Alexa, and OK Google, it has been on a growing spree. 
The IoT will impact almost all industries and sectors. The process has been started already. 

In this post, we will discuss industries that are using IoT solutions. We will also discuss how IoT technology is impacting these industries. 


If you belong to a manufacturing business of any kind, you need to hire an IoT app development company now. It is the industrial sector that is using IoT solutions exponentially. 

Innovative IoT solutions can help the manufacturing business in many ways. By simply integrating various IoT solutions into manufacturing processes will do magic. You can streamline and simplify multiple processes. Also, you can gather information and insights by connecting devices with each other. 

All you need to do is to replace your traditional switches and sensors with network-enabled devices. With such devices, you can upload data and make decision-making processes more quick and right. 

If you check out new-generation equipment and instrument, you will find in-built network-enabled IoT sensors in them. You can have many benefits from it. For example, you can collect various production data, time frames, efficiency and productivity insights, and environments with built-in IoT sensors. With such great insights on your sleeves, you can improve various processes and operations. 

In addition to that, with IoT solutions, you can also cut your overhead costs, wasted time, and materials. The IoT technology also helps in inventory management, payments, consolidation management, asset tracking, and business analysis. Some manufacturing companies also combine IoT with other technologies such as augmented reality and robotics. 

By connecting your assets to processes and people, you can have the greatest levels of productivity. You can completely transform your organizational processes and business operations with this technology. 

Also, you can have intellectual assets and equipment that can sense and collaborate with other devices to improve performance and diagnose issues and failures. It might help you in reducing downtime. As your body’s cognitive ability informs you when something is wrong with it, machines and equipment can self-diagnose issues. It can help in avoiding disasters. 

The best benefit of adopting the IoT technology in the manufacturing sector is collecting and storing data. This massive amount of data collected from machines and equipment can help make decisions to improve safety, quality, and efficiency. In addition, you can have structured and unstructured data to improve efficiency and productivity within processes and operations. As a result, you can reduce your warranty costs and lead to high-quality and improved practices. 

Also, you can improve worker safety and management, enhance expertise, and reduce the energy consumption of your units. 

If you fail to adopt this superior technology, you might fail to beat your competitors by missing speed and innovation in your processes and operations. 


Another sector that is using IoT solutions widely is the healthcare industry. There are many goals they have in mind. For example, they research IoT solutions for ongoing health monitoring, smooth communication, quick patient history sharing, preventive medicine, and much more. Healthcare service providers can share relevant history, process data with different analysis software, and share with care teams to assess IoT devices in place. 

As per the research report, more than 500,000 IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) tools exist. Furthermore, the Spyglass Consulting Group report reveals that almost 8.8 healthcare service providers are investing in IoT solutions that can help monitor and treat remote patients. 

How can IoMT help in improving the healthcare industry, and why should you hire IoT developers? Let’s check out. 

Using Telehealth to Reach Out Patients Living in Remote Areas

Across the globe, healthcare facilities in remote areas and villages are not up to the mark. We all know that. Telehealth solutions can help treat patients with no physical healthcare facilities by connecting them with video calling and IoT devices. As a result, doctors and other healthcare service providers can check their symptoms, check their past medical history, and effortlessly consult them. 

In the recent Covid-19 pandemic, telehealth has been a real savior for people living in remote areas. Even patients want treatment through telehealth to avoid traveling to nearby cities and risk their lives. 

Tailor-Made Medical Care in Medical Centers and Hospitals 

Hospitals and clinics are adopting various IoMT devices to give tailor-made, comprehensive medical facilities to their patients. There are specialized beds available in many hospitals that can gather up to 15 metrics of a patient. Such devices can help reduce patients’ waiting time and offer excellent care. 

Highly Personal Health-Monitoring Devices 

While reading this article, you might have a smartwatch or fitness tracker on your wrist. These devices have gained immense popularity in recent times. These wearable devices can help monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and other body vitals. However, with advanced IoMT devices, you can even monitor patients with chronic diseases. This is because these devices keep collecting data over time and send it to doctors for further assessment. 

Cloud-Based Consultation and Examination Platforms 

Do you want to reach out to an expert living in another country for your medical care? It is possible now without traveling to a particular country. Many clinics in the USA offer such services to consult a global expert or gather data for similar cases to provide utmost and precise care to patients. They can compare information to different cases and reach a correct diagnosis and treatment. 


Do you know that by 2050, the world population will reach almost 9.1 billion? As per the report by Global Agriculture, we need to increase our food production to up to 70% to meet the needs. We have different advanced farming strategies and methodologies in place, but they are not enough. We need to do something more to meet these demands. However, IoT technology can help meet these goals as it has some amazing promises to offer. 

How could IoT help improve the agriculture industry? Let’s check out some ways. 

The IoT solutions can reduce the gap in supply and demand. 

Traditional farming has many drawbacks, and one of them is the wastage of water, seeds, electricity, and chemicals. However, when you have IoT devices in place, you can reduce this waste to a great extent. Also, you will have better products. 

IoT can help in optimal delivery management. 

Another advantage of introducing IoT solutions to the agriculture industry is superior delivery management. You can manage delivery routes, monitor supplies, quality, and change routes if needed. Also, you can reduce your transportation costs to a great extent with high-quality products. 

Better data collection 

Do you know that data is the key to transforming processes and operations? When you have relevant, latest data, you can make better decisions, change processes and operations, and improve efficiency and productivity. For example, you can have sensors that can collect data about a farming area. This data can help you analyze different parameters such as water supply, soil, and others. Also, agriculture experts can use this data and insights to improve farming techniques for that particular area. 

Introducing smart devices 

There are many smart devices such as cameras, drones, and others for various purposes such as seeding and cropping. Also, many farmers build smart greenhouses to grow products if the weather does not favor them. You can grow products around a year with such devices. 

Also, farmers can use wireless IoT devices to collect data to reduce costs and disease from spreading among cattle. They can track their location, check their health state, and know their mobility. 

There are many ways IoT technology can help the agriculture business to improve products, manage cattle, and monitor crops. As a result, experts believe that IoT will play a massive role in the upcoming years to revolutionize the agriculture industry. 

Retail Industry 

We are talking about the industry that has been revolutionized for the past 20 years across the globe. Can you imagine where we have reached when it comes to the retail sector? Of course, technology has been a significant player that caused this revolution. The IoT is the latest one to contribute to it. 

There are many things you can do with the help of IoT solutions. In this part, we will discuss some of them. 

Tailor-Made Discounts to your customers 

Do you want to reward your recurring customers? Do you want to give them personalized discounts and offers? You can do it with IoT technology. Your customers will have a good user experience and will stay loyal to you. 

For example, you can fix IoT sensors in your store or mall. Now, every time a regular loyal customer steps in, you can immediately send exclusive discounts to them when they roam around specific products. In addition, you have their past data stored in IoT devices which might help you predict their purchase decisions and behavior. 

You can send such discount notifications to your customers through your retail app. However, ensure that you send these notifications to a group of people already in your loyalty program. When customers get exclusive discounts, they will reciprocate positively, and you will see a noticeable change in your sales and revenues. 

Asset Monitoring is Possible 

Losing shopping baskets and misplacement of various products is a common thing in any retail store. However, with the IoT technology at your side, you can track these missing things immediately with the help of location intelligence. 

You can integrate these products with your IoT sensor to track them when they are misplaced. 

IoT also helps in supply chain management. 

With innovative IoT solutions, you can improve your business processes, efficiency, and productivity. For example, with IoT sensors installed in your retail store, you can check various parameters of goods such as temperature, location, and others. As a result, you can ensure safety, quick delivery, and transportation conditions. 

Banking and Finance 

IoT will change the face of the banking and finance industry for sure. It is not me who is claiming this. Experts strongly believe that IoT has the potential to change the way the banking and finance industry performs. Do you want to know more about the impact of IoT in this sector? Let’s discuss. 

Tailor-made Customer Service 

One of the best ways to offer excellent customer services to your clients is to use innovative IoT solutions. You can gather their data and then provide personalized offers and services to them. Also, you can predict their needs and financial goals for the future. 

You can improve your decision-making. 

Many advanced IoT solutions, such as D2D communication protocols, help you make the right decisions for clients. For example, when you have real-time data about your clients, you can render services for them instantly. 


IoT technology is the future. It has immense potential to give a paradigm shift to industries in the manner they perform. They can help manage their operations, improve efficiency, and store and share data among teams intelligently. Suppose you are looking for better and advanced IoT solutions, In that case, all you need to do is to hire an IoT development company that can understand your business needs, analyze your goals, and offer tailor-made, robust, and highly secure IoT solutions. 

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