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Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy networking services that can deliver the best results to you? You have reached the right place. Dark Bears is the leader in the industry and can develop the best next-generation operating systems and the device drivers which run on various platforms such as x86 and PPC.

Doesn’t matter which device driver you want to get developed and installed whether it is Linux, ESX or FreeBSD, our talented developers can work on all of them with much expertise and dedication. They also possess immense experience in the development, design and implementation of the networking and storage drivers.

The software experts working with us are innovative in their approach towards development. They will design the perfect customized operating systems and custom device drivers for their projects. The solutions developed by our team of experts are reliable and secure to greatest level of assurance. You need not worry about the security of the systems developed by them and hence they are among the most sought-after professional businesses.

You’ll be overwhelmed to get your software developed by the experts who have been associated with the networking and storage for more than 11 years. They also hold the experience of working on the 10/25/40/50/100 GB Ethernet and Converged network adapters over the long years of their service. Our team of experts is known for delivering the best and performance-oriented results in designing and developing the concepts and providing the required technical support throughout the use of the solutions developed by them. Also, our experts can work on all the popular computer languages like the C, C++, Assembly, GCC, and GDB. The high-performance networking and storage solutions developed by the team at Dark Bears work on various protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, DCBX, FCoE, iSCSI, and RDMA.

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Cutting-edge device drivers and system programming service

Our team also possesses unmatched quality of development expertise in developing the embedded operating software and various kinds of system management modules. Our system software development service incorporates the following:

  •  Encryption technologies
  •  Porting solutions
  •  Integration of drivers
  •  Configuration and security management
  •  File access protocols
  •  System-level Linux applications and ESX functionalities.

Dark Bears is the most trusted name in the field of networking and storage. We are the right choice for you and your business if you have been searching for such a reliable software development service. The services offered by our team of experts are mated with highest quality references.

Some other exceptional features of our services include the following:

  •  The expert team of developers working with us are well-versed in all the steps of the development of the Operating Systems.
  •  Our software developers have been hired after extensive search and screening and thus they are excellent at bringing in innovations and delivering top-quality results.
  •  Customization is the need of the hour. The same holds true for the operating systems too. Customization of the operating system leads to better security features and therefore our experts offer the best custom software development services to ensure that the drivers of your device work with safety, security, and reliability.